• Microtour 2011 Pets / Generifus

    Posted on June 30 2011

    Microtour 2011 Pets / Generifus Thursday June 30th @ Kennewick Coffee 101 w. Kennewick Ave. 99336 6:30 pm w/ LIFEKISS Friday July 1st @ Jess Cat House of Mystery and...

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  • Random quote from Cameron Mills

    Posted on June 11 2011

    "One time I body slammed Jeff Luttrell into the Columbia River from the middle of the Blue Bridge." - Cameron Mills 2011

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  • Yakima and Kennewick Highlights

    Posted on May 24 2011

    Both shows were great. Hopefully Calvin records and releases the song he played in Yakima about "Somebody's Phone is Ringing." Catchy tune. Thanks to Dimestore Mystery, and Homeschool for playing...

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  • Car Scars review AM Gold

    Posted on May 17 2011

    Check out Louis O'Callaghan's new review of the old Car Scars album AM Gold at

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  • Pets & Calvin Johnson

    Posted on May 15 2011

    Hi Folks, Pets will be playing two shows with Calvin Johnson of K Records. May 20th 2011 Kennewick Coffee Kennewick, WA $5 8pm Facebook Event Page Link and May 21...

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  • Slow Dance Fast

    Posted on May 01 2011

      Somebody made this great Slow Dance Fast video for Dinosaur Rock.  Its on youtube, you ought to check it out, awesome stuff.!!

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  • Pets Video

    Posted on April 16 2011

    Hey Pets will be at Howard Amon Park today shooting a video.  Email me if you want to take part in it.  We need extra help!!!

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  • Lake Tour!!

    Posted on April 14 2011

    Lake is on tour!!  Make sure and go to their shows as they are trucking all the way to the east coast and back.  Please bring Eli some carmex as...

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  • Hi Folks!

    Posted on April 12 2011

    Hey it's the new Funkytonk Blog.  Myself, and a few others will be leaving posts here.  Hope you all enjoy, as we will be adding super secret photos, videos, and links...

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