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Funkytonk Records

Karl Blau / Skrill Meadow FTR 039

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Format: 7 Inch


Format : 7 Inch, Digital

Album Credits

Karl Blau / Skrill Meadow FTR 039

Original Release Date: 2014 Funkytonk Records

Side A: Karl Blau ” Uh – I Can’t Get Your Lovin’ (Outta My Head)”

•Karl Blau

•Clyde Petersen

•Jared Gandy

•Theodore Hilton

Side B: Skrill Meadow “Takin My Time (2<3U)"

•Markly Morrison

Karl Blau and Skrill Meadow split 7" vinyl single featuring the Karl Blau underground hit "Uh - I Can't Get Your Lovin' (Outta My Head)" and the Skrill Meadow original "Takin' My Time (2<3U)" which was previously featured on the LAKE double platinum record "This World is Real". Limited pressing vinyl by Funkytonk.



Side A

  1. Uh I Can't Get Your Lovin' (Outta My Head)

Side B

  1. Takin' My Time (2<3U)