LAKE – Circular Doorway FTR 038


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      Format : LP, Digital

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      LAKE – Circular Doorway FTR 038

      Original Release Date: 2014 Funkytonk Records

      •Ashley Eriksson

      •Eli Moore

      •Mark Morrison

      •Andrew Dorsett

      These tracks were originally self released by the band as a cdr and now available for limited pressing vinyl by Funkytonk. Includes the song ‘No Wonder I’ which was featured on an episode of Adventure Time. 



      1. Circular doorway
      2. What You See Is What You Get
      3. Don't Hate
      4. Spinning
      5. Positive Warning
      6. No Wonder I
      7. Torpedoes
      8. Relief
      9. Yawrood
      10. Alone
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