Memory Boys - End Dead Envy FTR 042


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      Format : Book, Digital

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      Memory Boys - End Dead Envy FTR 042

      Original Release Date: Dec 20 2017 Funkytonk Records

      This is the Memory Boys new art and lyric book available now on Funkytonk. Includes full download of the End Dead Envy album. 60 pages of art and lyrics crafted by Memory Boys for the End Dead Envy songs.

      •Grant Fairbrother

      •Marit Schmidt

      •Ashley Eriksson

      •Eli Moore



      1. Write Fast Man
      2. No Proof
      3. Confused
      4. Suit Yourself
      5. Answer
      6. Human
      7. August Radiance
      8. Own Devices
      9. Wildcard
      10. Test You
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