Karl Blau / Skrill Meadow split 7" single.

julio 21 2014 –

blauskrill Coming in August. Date not confirmed as of yet. I just approved the test pressings for the upcoming Karl Blau and Skrill Meadow split 7". I feel pretty good in saying that we should have them available at the Helsing Junction Sleepover. The songs are pure pop gold. Karl Blau contributed his song "Uh - I Can't Get Your Lovin' (Outta My Head)" of which he just emailed me a video he produced for the single. I will add that to the library soon. The other side is the Skrill Meadow hit "Takin' My Time (2 <3 U)" This is the original song written by Markly Morrison which previously appeared on the LAKE lp 'This World Is Real' and became an overnight sensation.