Something you may or may not want to know.

noviembre 20 2012 –

I disabled the message board. The spam bots took it over. Yes, there was a small group of people that actively used the board, and this is possibly the end of an era as I believe the Funkytonk site has run a message board for the last 13 years. I dont know if a new board is in the works. I do feel like there should be some avenue for people of this community to discuss music, art and whatever. Even if only 5 people use it, I think it would be nice to have something that isn't part of craigslist, facebook, etc. I have time this week to figure it all out. Hopefully you all can support me in this endeavor.
Side notes and discussion possibilites:
1.Pets will not be playing any shows this month as was previously posted.
2.Is Walmart the problem, or is it the companies that keep selling there stuff to walmart.
3.This didn't happen overnight.
4.Whats going on with the Spirit Animals?
5.We all live in the Tri-Cities again??? Slogan for 2013 "Keep Tri-Cities Normal"
6.Does Aaron Nelson hate my guts? Yes or No (circle one)