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The Fuzzy Felt

Burlap Native American Swastika Vintage Handmade Campfire Vest. Bigfoot.

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Size: Large

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Ummm ok, not sure what the hell is up with this thing, but what you are looking at here is a handmade camp counselor vest that was crafted from a burlap sack.  Starting from the left and looking at the designs things appear to be going great, you have the sun, a campfire, bigfoot??, lightning, oh and what is this?  A sun wheel, hmmm ok moving on..heilszeichen arrow in blue??!!  Ok?  Hold on a second...a god damn swastika?  WTF?  The God's eye just seals the deal.  I had to do some research on this because I wasn't sure if this was some Nazis bullshit.  As it turns out there is some pretty crazy history on the swastika. Check it out.  This is not a Nazi vest!  Because of the history of the swastika and how it fell out of public favor after WWII this vest may very well be a pre WWII relic.

Actual Measurements:

A. Shoulders - n/a
B. Pit to Pit - 23"
C. Length - 23"
D. Sleeve - n/a
Size On Tag: no tag
Fits More Like: Men's Large

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