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Funkytonk Records

Pets - Personal Electronic Transactor Sounds FTR 040

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Format: LP


Format : LP, Digital

Album Credits

PETS – Personal Electronic Transactor Sounds FTR 040

Original Release Date: 2015 Funkytonk Records

•Andy Evens

•Gabriel Knutzen

•Tim Leingang

•Helen Mackey

•Pat Mackey

•Cameron Mills

•Katy Mills

•Loren Polk

•Matthew Polk

Guest Musicians:

•Ashley Eriksson

•Eli Moore

•Drew Gale

Recorded by Eli Moore at DavenoStudio in Richland WA. Mixed at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia WA and Mastered by Nicholas Wilbur at the Unknown in Anacortes WA. 


  1. Weird Animals
  2. Family Functions
  3. Daveno
  4. Commodore
  5. Freeway
  6. Sewing Machine
  7. Outdoor Jacket
  8. No Gorilla
  9. Houseplants
  10. Talk