Homosexuality: A Christian Response (48 page booklet) 1978


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      Here is a real gem from the 70's.  Offensive christian literature about homosexuality.  I guess things like this were necessary for christians to be able to cope in a world with homosexuality.  We have a small supply on hand.  These booklets were made in 1978.  They even credit the artist who provided the life like pictures inside the booklet and on the cover.  Don't all gay men dress up like open shirted cops with their hands down the front of their pants? Maybe?  I guess the only way to find out is to pour through this page by page and maybe you can find a bible verse that will answer that question for you.  The author even put her contact info and phone number in each book in case you are "Mad? Glad? Questions?"  Now if we can just find the response to this book 'Christianity: A Homosexual Response' the world be a perfect place.
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