Lot of 10 Vintage Capitol Cassette Blanks 1970's 90 Minutes w/ Hal Lindsey


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      This is for all 10 of the cassettes. They can be re-used and recorded over, or you could buy them for the supposed Hal Lindsey recording series on these 10 cassettes. This isn't a complete Hal Lindsey recording series as they were each numbered and some of the numbers are missing. I don't know that too many people are interested in these for the Hal Lindsey recordings so it probably isn't that big of a deal anyhow. The cassettes are cool looking and would definitely be cool to reuse though. I have seen a lot of blank tapes in my day but nothing like these. If you are looking at these for the Hal Lindsey series, I am sorry. Some of the tapes are missing, but at least we maybe can agree that good old Hal could rumble with the best of them and had one of the most bad ass moustaches that could sweep the floor of any congregation you could throw at him.
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