Pair Vintage 1970's Realistic Nova 6 Walnut Veneer Speakers 2-Way 40 Watt


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      Realistic Nova 6 with real wood walnut veneer.  Speakers are in great shape.  These were tested and sound amazing.  Part number 40-4019A. Three way HF tuning switch at the back. RCA plug or screw on terminals. Well built. Nice wood veneer.

      Woofer has coated foam reverse excellent shape. Woofer cone is 5-3/4" in an 8-1/2 " basket. Tweeter cone is 2" in a 4" dia basket. Speaker outer dimensions are 11" W x 9-1/2" Deep x 19-1/4" H.The Nova-6 (cool name) are 2 way, sealed, 8 inch woofer, the foam surrounds of the drivers are inverted. The tweeter has its own plastic cup around it, about 2 inches in diameter and 4 deep.

      2017 8 ohms
      nominal 15w
      music 30w
      LoEff Japan

      0735 8ohms
      300Hz-18KHz (yes i typed that right)
      nominal 5w
      music 10w max

      The short story is these baby's are bad ass sleepers!!  

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