Star Trek USS Enterprise Vintage NCC-1701 Single Stitch Changes USA 90s T-Shirt


  • Product Description

      This one is a 25th Anniversary 1991 double sided on a Changes tag.  Big print and starry scene all over the shirt.  Authentic and ready for you to get drunk in while watching Star Trek on tv. You will love it.
       Please check our actual measurements to make sure this will fit your perfectly.

      Actual Measurements:

      A. Length - 29.5"
      B. Pit to Pit - 23.75"
      C. Sleeve - 8.25"
      Size On Tag:  XL
      Fits More Like: Men's XL

      How To Get Your Perfect Measurement


      Here's the way to get your perfect measurement. Take a piece of YOUR OWN clothing to measure. Now get a cloth tape measure. If you don't have one, use a piece of string and a ruler/yard stick or carpenter's tape measure. For example if you're buying a t-shirt, get one from your closet that fits you the way you want it to. You want tight...get a tight shirt. You want loose...get a loose shirt...and so on. Measure this shirt and use the measurements as your template for the size you want. We use Flat Measurements. These are exactly that...measurements of the garment (zipped or buttoned up) laid flat on a table or hard surface.
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