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The Fuzzy Felt

Vintage Spartus Pink Digital Alarm Clocks Pink 1970's or 1980's

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This is for the Pink clock only!!


These two alarm clocks are just the touch you need to set you and your loved one apart from the rest of the world. Baby it's you and me against the world with these clocks. They appear to be 1970's era clocks and they are still going strong and keeping good time. I tested both out for several hours and they didn't go off track and in addition the alarms worked marvelously on both. Just think of what all your friends will say when you show them your new his and hers clocks. Actually maybe you are better off not doing that because it could just cause your friends to get into an argument on the way home about why they can't have neat things like that and why he spends so much time on facebook and not shopping on The Fuzzy Felt finding one of a kind things like this. The price listed is for both clocks.