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Microtour 2011 Pets / Generifus

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Posted on 六月 30 2011

Microtour 2011 Pets / Generifus

Thursday June 30th
@ Kennewick Coffee
101 w. Kennewick Ave. 99336
6:30 pm

Friday July 1st
@ Jess Cat House of Mystery and Costumes
Portland OR 97214
Contact Jessie Perry for directions!/mysteriousjessie
w/ Solar Shade

Saturday July 2nd
@ Northern
321 4th Ave Downtown
Olympia WA
w/ Skrill Meadow (Markly of L.A.K.E)

Sunday July 3rd
@ The Funny Button
4543 8th Ave NE (u district)
Seattle Wa
w/ Alps of New South Wales, U, Orcateers