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How To Identify Levis Type 1, 2, 3 Denim Trucker Vintage Jean Jackets 1940's 50's 60's 70's & 1980's

Written by Timothy Leingang


Posted on September 16 2023

This video is a very brief spotlight on how to identify vintage levis jean jackets from the Type 1 jackets from 1905 - 1953, the Type 2 jackets from 1953 - 1962, and up to the Type 3 jackets that went into production in 1962. We showcase a few Big E as well as the newer model with the lower case E and side hand warmer pockets. By no means is this an end all resource for identifying these jackets. This video is intended to give a quick introduction to these great jackets.

Please feel free to add comments. View our collection at Follow us on Instagram: Music is by the band PETS. Song is "Weather Balloon" Courtesy of funkytonkrecords. Pets can be found at Funkytonk Records can be found at Featured persons in this video our Timothy and his daughter Nina. As can be seen in the video Nina is very "unimpressed" and trying her best not to laugh at her dad.



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