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Studer 169 Recording Console. Direct out and EQ test run.

Written by Timothy Leingang


Posted on September 17 2023

Warning! This is a test run on an old console and during this test there are pops and crackles from dirty potentiometers within the console. Please be aware of this in regards to volume level of your speakers.

The video is a test run I performed on a Studer 169 after I did a direct out modification on all 10 channels. As can be seen in the video, the direct out functioned correctly on all 10 channels. During the test I was able to identify several dirty potentiometers in the EQ section. Surprisingly these were almost completely found in the frequency selection potentiometer of the mid-range dial. I went back through the modules and cleaned the potentiometers with Deoxit D5. This cleaned the pots up nicely and after re-install I did a quick run through again and there were no scratches or pops. On channel 10 I did find that the switch for pre and post EQ was sensitive. I pulled this module out and inspected the solder joints and could not find any issues. When I re-installed the channel I tested again and found that the switch operates normally except when pushed to its furthest point forward. When the signal would cut out, I would apply slight pressure to the switch backwards, but not a full switch and the signal would re-appear. In my opinion the switch should be used delicately until a replacement switch can be installed.



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