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Hallicrafters S-20R Sky Champion Ham Radio Shortwave Receiver. Working Original

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1939 Hallicrafters Model S-20R Ham Shortwave Radio. I replaced the original power cord as it was deteriorated and unsafe but I will send the original with the unit just in case you want it for "originality" I performed a basic bench test with the resources I had on hand. The radio powers up and when I hooked up a homemade antenna from a spool of wire I had I was able to hear a nice loud signal and actually picked up a few local AM radio stations on band #1. I am not familiar with all the functions of the radio so my bench test was rudimentary in that I just basically verified that it powered up and produced an audio signal. The radio looks reasonably unmolested. As you can see in the pictures of the internal electronics, the capacitors for the most part seem all original. It looks like the one orange cap is a replacement but other than that I would say this is a nice original unrestored sky champion. Notice on the back plate it appears somebody added a 1/4" jack. I have no idea what this is for. Also the decorative aluminum side strips are missing and in their place is some metallic tape. I will pack the radio very carefully and appropriately and it will be shipped one business day after a cleared payment. As an interesting side note this is the same exact model of radio that can be seen in the 1959 Marilyn Monroe hit "Some Like It Hot". Crazy huh?