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Studer 169 10 Channel Professional Mixing Console. Vintage Mixer w/ Direct Outs

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This console was purchased from a studio in Amsterdam. I have completed the direct out modification on all 10 channels. This direct out is post EQ and post fader so that you can take advantage of the fabulous musical EQ and fader when tracking with these world class pre-amps. Also included in the sale are 10 adaptor cables that have the banana plugs on one end and male XLR on the opposite end so that you can utilize the direct out seamlessly into your DAW, tape machine or whatever you are tracking to. This is a mono mixer 10x1, which means no pan pots on the modules. If you are panning in the box this won't be a problem, but if it is something you need, pan potentiometers can be added to these modules and a second master module can be added. I also have a spare master module that I am not including in this listing but if it is something you are interested in please message me and we can work something out. The mixer has been in use and works great. If you have been looking for a Studer 169 in the United States you probably are aware that they don't come up for sale often. The sale includes the complete mixer, bridge meter, Studer power supply, 10 direct out adaptor cables. I have documented the process I used in modifying each module for direct out on the Funkytonk Records Blog. If you read the blog, you can read my notes, and there are plenty of photos and a video. The console did have some scratchy potentiometers, almost completely on the mid-range frequency selectors and specifically in Channels 4,6,8 and 10. I cleaned each pot with Deoxit D5 and on a second test run everything sounded great. Channels 2 and 3 were quieter than the other channels when tested. I did not make any corrections with this issue as I believe they can be resolved when the console is calibrated next. I did not calibrate the console as I suggest the buyer perform a calibration after shipment. The meter bridge is not showing any signal when running audio through it. I pulled the VU meter out and was able to get the needle to bounce around on the bench when I ran a signal direct. I did not troubleshoot any further into this but it should be an easy fix. There is an IC in the circuit board of the meter. All the caps are, or appear to be originals. I know some like to replace them all, but I am of the mindset that if it sounds good to my ear, and it isn't broken, then don't replace it. There are plenty of resources out there to replace the caps, and it wouldn't be that big of a job in terms of expense or time. I am choosing to leave it up to the buyer as to what they want with the mixer. The mixer sounds amazing as is though. Shipping is spendy on this. It is a heavy, well built, vintage mixer. I am experienced at shipping audio gear and I guarantee it will be packed well and appropriately. There will be a signature requirement on delivery, and it will be insured. Shipping is a flat $250 for anywhere in the U.S. Anything across the border message me first to make arrangements. I can most definitely do a local pick up. Washington, Oregon and Idaho buyers, contact me to arrange a pick up.

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